Imran Khan – Cometh the hour, cometh the man

Pakistan has been in a state of flux for almost a year now. From economy to security, all of our established norms have had a paradigm shift. We appear to be in a free fall having completely lost control and truly at the mercy of earth’s gravity. Unfortunately, at this critical juncture in our history, the reign of our state appears to be in the hands of a mafia. In order to cover up for their inadequacies, they have unleashed terror on our hapless people. All sane voices who try to question, are either subjected to coercion or are openly subjected to state sponsored torture. While the order has completely broken down, the courts have also chosen to turn a blind eye. The subversive tactics have quite literally brought guardians of civil liberties into complete submission. Against this tyranny, one man has stood tall.

Imran Khan may have lived as a playboy at some point in his life. He like any other human being may have committed some errors of omission and commission. However, it is a remarkable testimony of his character that he has withstood single-handedly whatever the mafia running our state has thrown at him. His family has been harassed and ridiculed. Fake audios and videos have been leaked with the singular aim of his character assassination. He has been abused on media. He has been physically manhandled. Even a well planned assassination attempt was made against him resulting in serious gunshot injuries to his legs. And yet, this courageous man has not relented. Being a world famous former sports superstar, if he chooses, the mafia will happily let him go to a western country where he can live comfortably. Remarkably, he has remained compos mentis throughout this ordeal. It’s hard to imagine another contemporary who would be capable of maintaining such a serene composure during this nonstop onslaught. Success can be defined in multiple ways. Live or die – Imran Khan by his sheer strength of character has completely changed the mindset of our people. He may not win the immediate battle, but it can be said without a fear of contradiction that when all is said and done, the ultimate victory will be his and his alone.





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  1. An admirer Avatar
    An admirer

    This is a great post. I agree with you. Imran Khan is brave and never gives up. He’s a good leader, fighting for us even when things are tough. His strength gives us hope. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hamid Rafique Avatar
    Hamid Rafique

    Indeed he is a genuine person & a true leader . Such leaders are not born everyday . . He is selfless , courageous & devoted .

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