Arshad Sharif Shaheed

Arshad Sharif was not just a journalist; he was a truth-seeker, a voice for the voiceless, and an indomitable force within the landscape of Pakistani journalism. His untimely and brutal demise in Nigeria sent shockwaves across the globe, causing profound grief among his colleagues, friends, and followers.

Sharif dedicated his career to unearthing the intricate workings of Pakistani politics, often daring to tread where others wouldn’t. His relentless questioning and incisive analysis delved into the entwined relationship between the Pakistani establishment and political landscape, a topic that stirs both debate and discomfort.

His bold, fearless journalism raised suspicions about potential involvement of governmental or military institutions in his tragic end. While this remains speculative, the very notion underscores the hazards faced by journalists like Sharif, courageously navigating the murky waters of political reporting.

Sharif was working on a monumental documentary, intended to provide unprecedented insights into Pakistani politics. Despite his tragic demise, this documentary has been released, albeit incomplete. Yet, even in its unfinished state, it stands as a testament to Sharif’s unwavering commitment to truth and transparency.

Let us honor Arshad Sharif by remembering him for his incredible contributions to journalism and by continuing to seek the truth that he was so passionately committed to uncovering.

Below, you will find Sharif’s final work – his incomplete but enlightening documentary, a testament to his courage, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the truth.






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