Imran Khan surrounded

He has been surrounded. He’s being systematically isolated. His hand and feet have been tied. He has been thrown to the wolves who are threatening to tear him apart.
All the laws, rules, courts, constitution and norms have been trampled upon to make a horrible example out of him. But he is not willing to surrender. He’s not willing to go down without a fight. He needs support undoubtedly. He needs some hands to pull him out of this whirlpool of deceitful conspiracies, hatched to bring him down.
Some brave sons of the soil, and there are many undoubtedly, whom,the nation looks up to,with gratitude for their selfless services and sacrifices, must respond to this clarion call of the motherland. They owe it to Pakistan to show their public support, sympathy and solidarity with him in this hour of trial and tribulation. He badly needs help. Pakistan desperately needs some authoritative and authentic voices, who can come out in the open, and call spade a spade . Surely ,there are some people who can rise to the occasion. Pakistan needs a breath of fresh air from somewhere.
Pakistan is calling her sons and daughters.





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