What’s the way forward?

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf is facing persecution of the worst kind. The opposing political parties want PTI to be dismantled and Chairman Imran Khan out of politics. The security forces are helping them achieve this goal by lending their power. PTI’s leadership and members look towards the judiciary for Justice but so far it’s been hit or miss in their decisions. At times it feels like there is no where to go.

Many members and sympathizers of PTI, and Human Rights activists are finally mobilizing to counter this wave of extra judicial arrests, illegal detentions, custodial torture, and other Human Rights violations that are punishable in international courts.
what do you think should be the next step for Overseas Pakistanis to take to ensure that the Human Rights violations are stopped, and free and fair elections elections are held as soon as possible? Please share your thoughts in the ‘comments’ section.





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