Abductions of elderly

In a shocking new development, significant figures related to prominent Pakistani politicians are being targeted. Most recently, the 82-year-old father of Hammad Azhar was abruptly abducted, only to be released after his mobile phone was thoroughly reviewed. This troubling incident was shared by Hammad Azhar himself in his recent tweet: Hammad Azhar’s Tweet

This unsettling trend did not stop there. The father of Nadeem Afzal Chan also fell victim to abduction, with the staff at his house reportedly being roughed up. This event was reported by Adil Shahzeb in his recent tweet: Adil Shahzeb’s Tweet

The actions of those responsible not only reek of desperation but are a glaring testament to their moral depravity. It is disheartening to witness these tactics being employed, showing a significant and concerning decline in the country’s political ethics. The audacity of these abductions grows more astounding each day, raising essential questions about the state of our nation’s governance and the safety of its citizens.

The full story is yet to unfold, but these developments serve as a chilling reminder of the imperative for robust checks and balances in our political system. We will continue to keep a vigilant eye on this escalating situation.





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