The heartrending plight of women affiliated with PTI has come to the fore, as revealed in a recent tweet by Imran Khan, the leader of PTI: Tweet

The tweet details a series of grave violations of their human rights. Despite not being implicated in any acts of arson, these women have reportedly been abducted, placed under inhumane conditions, and subjected to severe mental torture in jails.

The indignity they experienced while peacefully protesting is inexcusable, suggesting a sinister agenda: to instill fear and deter women from exercising their fundamental right to protest in the future, thereby depriving them of their political voice.

However, amid such adversity, it’s inspiring to witness the resilience, dignity, and courage demonstrated by these women. Their valiant stand against such injustices is a testament to their strength and determination, and a beacon of hope for all who champion democracy and human rights. We take pride in their spirit and stand in solidarity with them in their struggle for justice.





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