Rinse and Repeat: A Deep Dive into the State of Pakistan’s Politics

In a piece published today in Dawn, the intriguing pattern of Pakistan’s political landscape was extensively dissected. From persistent cycles of ascendance and descent to political rivalry and vengeance, the analysis beautifully uncovers the ‘Groundhog Day’ politics of the country. As a fascinating read, it offers substantial insights into the country’s political status quo. You can read the full article here.

Dawn’s June 7, 2023 article throws light on how Pakistan’s political leadership continually falls into the trap of short-term victories, despite recognizing the ephemeral nature of their ‘favoured status’. Taking a case in point, it elaborates on the statements made by PML-N’s senior vice president Maryam Nawaz against the beleaguered PTI chairman Imran Khan at a by-election rally in Muzaffarabad.

The article highlights how, despite having witnessed her father Nawaz Sharif’s removal from power three times, Maryam Nawaz revels in Imran Khan’s current struggles. It brings out the stark irony of her claim to make Imran Khan an example, reminding us of how Sharif himself was made an example of each time he lost power.

Intriguingly, the piece also discusses how, when in power, Imran Khan’s government relentlessly pursued its political opponents, often disregarding due process and fundamental rights. Today, PTI finds itself at the receiving end of a similar treatment.

The Dawn article incisively captures the cyclical, almost retributive, nature of Pakistan’s politics. Yet it also points out the lack of realization among PTI leaders about how this politics of vengeance eventually plays out. It suggests that, rather than indulging in these cycles of political retribution, leaders should focus on creating a democratic charter, thereby ensuring a level playing field for all parties and renewing the democratic process which has been impaired in recent years.

In the bigger picture, the story portrays the endless loop of rise and fall in Pakistan’s politics. It underscores the urgent need for leaders to look beyond the short-term, learn from the past, and strive towards the common goal of restoring and reinforcing democracy in the country.

In conclusion, the Dawn article is a revealing and comprehensive examination of the perpetual cycles that dominate Pakistan’s political scene. It is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the complex dynamics of power, rivalry, and survival in Pakistan’s political arena.





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