Former CJP Justice Jawad S Khwaja files petition

Former CJP Justice Jawad S Khwaja files petition in SC against Military Courts. The petition reads:

“This case is also about power flowing from the barrel of a gun. It is about the power of the army. The army controls businesses and land. Historically, it has exercised power and influence over our political dispensation. Its power and reach extend far beyond its constitutional role. If not a State within a State, it is regarded as an entity distinct from the Government and referred to as the “establishment.

The question for our civilian institutions including this Court is whether the militarisation of justice will be endorsed. Are we as a nation to march backwards in time with banners flying and drums beating to old tunes? Or do we see a better tomorrow with public office holders and institutions operating within constitutionally assigned domains? It is a fundamental question that continues to plague us as a nation. The answer will shape the future.”





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