The Ultimate Blasphemy of the Qur’an

Voltaire famously quipped: “The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy nor Roman, nor an Empire.”

He would have been even more accurate had he made a similar statement about the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” — which is neither Islamic nor a republic, and whose very name has been shamelessly debauched by the Syndicate (that occupies the land and its people).

Let’s discuss how the actions by the managers of the Syndicate are entirely anti-Qur’an and an on-going insult to the Holy Book’s sanctity.

Indeed, the massive injustice and exploitation make the very sociopolitical system fundamentally antithetical to the Qur’anic message. The focus today though is on the Syndicate’s tactics that are blatantly cruel and violative of Qur’an’s injunctions about oppression and human dignity.

Other than some dietary restrictions, the Qur’an declares only a handful of activities as “haraam” (7:33-34). In addition to tyranny, this includes the obscenity and sexual perversion that have become the trademark of the Syndicate. (Sufficient evidence exists to show the Syndicate’s engagement in activities ranging from prostitution, forced pornography, and sexual torture; using them to blackmail the victims of the abuse.)

The application of these tactics to innocent women and children is especially abominable. We don’t yet fully understand the torture policies involved and the extent of the assault women have experienced while kept in illegal and immoral custody. But if the treatment recorded on the streets is any indicator, may God have mercy on us.

If even a small fraction of the cruelty and torture being dished out to Pakistanis were committed against captured prisoners of war, the officials involved would all be paraded in front of a war crimes tribunal. The Syndicate is doing to Pakistani nationals what it would dare not do even to the “enemy.” That tells us something about the repugnant mindset of the criminals authorizing the atrocities.

We must realize that the Qur’an’s condemnation (26:130) of the Syndicate’s practice is crystal clear. The crimes against humanity are grave and deplorable.

The Qur’an also provides instruction in observing the privacy of person and homestead (24:27-29, 24:58-60). The famous instance where a man once rebuked Caliph Umar (and the caliph apologized) — for violating the privacy of his home — illustrates the instrumental nature of the Qur’anic edict. The violation of human dignity and the privacy of one’s home — especially without a legal warrant — show us the moral debasement of the Syndicate.

In calling itself a source of “guidance and mercy,” the Qur’an’s message is overwhelmingly exhortative. However, all of the verses quoted above are essentially injunctive — further signifying the gruesome gravity of the Syndicate’s criminality and moral depravity.

In addition, the Qur’an repeatedly points us towards self-sacrifice in ensuring justice to others (4:58, 4:135, 5:8).

Not surprisingly though, we have NOT heard much from the usual religious preachers about this shocking blasphemy of the Qur’an. The fear of the torture cell is understandable. But not biting the hand that feeds may also be an incentive for many of these “holy” men.

Having wittingly destroyed the country’s Constitution, the Syndicate’s managers are traitors to the nation. Having engaged in Crimes against Humanity, they are a disgrace to humanity. Having shown such intense contempt towards the Qur’an, they are renegades from our Di’n.

While much more limited than we realize, the Qur’an’s permission for “minor” jihad (involving force) is quite clear (2:190, 4:75-77, 22:39-41, 42:39-42). In situations where this permission applies, we can be certain that the Qur’anic guidance would be to support those fighting for their freedom in an occupied territory.





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