Unjust Imprisonment of Imran Khan – A Time for Peaceful Protest

The incarceration of former Prime Minister Imran Khan has raised eyebrows not only in Pakistan but around the world. What’s more alarming is the way he is being treated, reflecting a worrying trend in our political climate.

Living in Inhumane Conditions:

Imran Khan’s confinement to a 9×11 feet cell, reserved for terrorists, shows a lack of respect for basic human rights. Despite his high morale, the conditions are unfit and appear to be politically motivated.

We, the people of Pakistan, must recognize this as a wake-up call. Our democracy, justice, and the very principles that our nation was founded on are being threatened.

Join hands in a peaceful protest, as Imran Khan himself has urged, to demand fair treatment. This is not just about one man but about the integrity of our democratic institutions.





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