The actual power centres along with the obliging judges and the conniving politicians are now the new axis of evil. Unarguably, the epicentre lies in the power brokers of Rawalpindi . This triumvirate is putting up a stiff fight against the people of Pakistan. Indeed, these three are partners in crime.
Pakistanis made a valiant effort in a legal,constitutional and democratic way to change Pakistan forever. They almost succeeded on 8th of February. However, their verdict was brutally mutilated and now it is beyond recognition. Strong arm tactics were used shamelessly in a manner, both unseen and unheard, and in full public view. Based on these farcical foundations, a new edifice has been erected, which is totally unrepresentative. It comprises of all the illegitimate offsprings of the rigged process of 8th February. Perpetrators of this midnight ambush were caught pants down. However on 21st of April, these fraudsters changed their tactics and plugged some holes but were still clearly seen, obscenely busy in subterfuge.
After vandalising the mandate of the people, the schemers now wish this illegitimate and illegal framework to be consolidated so that it is seen as business as usual. They are hellbent to press ahead. They think that the people would consider 8th February as done and dusted, a closed transaction forever.
All the dissenting voices are being silenced and snuffed out. Commissioner Rawalpindi who spilled the beans, has vanished in thin air, after his startling disclosures. Six brave judges of Islamabad High Court are being hounded by the state machinery. Character assassination is being systematically carried out against these honourable judges. Lawyer bodies have sold their soul to governments promises of favour and benefits . Police and bureaucracy are in a tight embrace with the powerful centres.
Insulting the intelligence of the people of Pakistan, a hardened criminal has been hoisted at the top of highest constitutional office. The financial capital of the country is in the firm grip of a cabal of thugs. It is no surprise that Karachi is ravaged with violent crime and lawlessness. Interior Sind is at the mercy of dacoits of Kacha. Baluchistan has No functional government of any substance. Terrorists strike regularly and at will . Government of the Punjab is busy in ludicrously cosmetic matters. The dispensation in Islamabad is dysfunctional and a poor civilian face of the deep state. All the power is being wielded through the barrel of the gun. Ministers are only left to dance at the martial tunes. Foreign policy is totally directionless . There are deep divisions in the governing set up as well.
The ruling elite want the people of Pakistan to be depressed, dejected and disillusioned. They wish to scare people into submission. But , to their disappointment, Pakistanis have turned out to be defiantly recalcitrant . Usurpers have only one plan. This is to crush PTI, under the fast moving wheels of a resurgent economic revival. They think that this would make Imran Khan irrelevant and forgotten.
With the corrupt and compromised system lacking public goodwill and support, with dismal Security situation and deteriorating law and order, this idea is dead before it is born. Pakistan has slid into a deep ditch . The world looks at Pakistan as a totally lost cause, irrelevant and unworthy of any engagement. The intellectual dwarfs and duffers are determined to drag Pakistan further down.
Pakistanis are watching keenly and taking note of all small and big insults perpetrated on them. They are determined not to forget or forgive the people who are out to inflict harm to Pakistan. They will speak again and again till final victory. The struggle against the forces of regression ,repression and oppression will not seize. All the decadent and defeated elements have coalesced together to put up a strong fight for their survival. They are fighting their last pitched battle. But people of Pakistan are determined to win this war sooner than later. They have hope till the last man is standing, who has stubbornly refused to accept defeat.The prisoner of conscience at Adiala continues to instill courage and hope in the future of Pakistan.





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  1. Muhammad Asif Avatar
    Muhammad Asif

    It’s not if but when the People will win this struggle against the Junta.

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