Ayub Khan’s Industrial Revolution – a myth or reality?

Aqeel Haidar, Philadelphia

Pakistan’s second president and its first military dictator, Ayub Khan’s so called Industrialization is another vastly overstated ISPR myth. In embracing private-sector industrialization and free-market principles as a stooge of the USA, he caused vast increases in inequality. The country’s 22 richest families controlled 90% of assets of financial institutions.

He was the pioneer of all ills. His dictatorship coerced Justice Munir into pronouncing Doctrine of Necessity. Pakistan has never recovered from that folly.

As a matter of fact, Pakistan’s short lived industrialization under Ayub was an American need due to its involvement in the Korean War. Led by the business houses who became industrialists, Pakistan began the first wave of industrialisation. This was aided by the commodity boom associated with the Korean War. Pakistan had large surplus of jute, cotton and leather which were needed to supply the troops from America and those with the countries allied with it as they fought the communists in the Korean Peninsula.

So, Ayub actually set the precedent for Pakistan becoming an American stooge and our army becoming a renters army.





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