This piece is especially addressed to those whom it concerns most. On a personal level, one has an umbilical connection with them, having spent the best part of life in their midst.With considerable personal peril, one considers it a duty to speak the unvarnished truth, loud and clear, the way one sees it. Not doing so, would be tantamount to disloyalty to the motherland. Here are a few thoughts,
1) Let it be stated in unequivocal terms that the people who crossed the red line and entered into the premises of General Headquarters and the residence of corps commander Lahore etc, deserve no mercy. An example should be made out of them in order to serve as a deterrent to anyone, who in future, even in the wildest dreams, contemplates such a transgression. Prestige and inviolability of defence installations should be sacrosanct and paramount. However, from a position of strength, when a very stern, message has been unequivocally sent,some magnanimity is in order. This chapter must be brought to a swift end, as it’s prolongation would inflict more damage to all the stakeholders.
2) On 9th of May, conduct of police and the interim government in Punjab and KPK was highly questionable. They, seemingly encouraged, nudged, and even infiltrated the demonstrators to achieve the political gains from which some elements have directly benefited. The fallout has been a dream come true for the 13 party government . Police inaction on that penultimate day, is inexplicable and ostensibly criminal. A transparent judicial inquiry is the need of the time to sift through the thick maze of complicity and intrigue involving various actors. Reluctance or delay would only muddy the waters, raising more questions than answers.
3) Drastic and sweeping onslaught against PTI is both unjustified and unwarranted. Disproportionate and draconian measures used to dismantle a political party are illegal, unconstitutional and unhelpful. The reign of terror that has been unleashed has only succeeded in inflaming passions. Arrest of more than 10,000 political workers is a grave human rights violation, resonating worldwide. The reaction of the state is grossly excessive and unnecessary. Those who are ready to ditch the party, find themselves back in the comfort zone.
4) Despite the blitzkrieg launched against it, PTI is largely intact and resilient.It continues to be a formidable electoral juggernaut. Despite desertions and defections, it continues to give nightmares to the opponents.
5) Coercion , suppression and the atrocities perpetrated on PTI rank-and-file, and its leadership have only worked to further enhance its support base. Paradoxically, Imran Khan is becoming more popular with every passing day, with sympathy vote adding up all the time. PTI supporters are stubbornly sticking with Imran Khan.. More importantly, the social scientists consider this to be a phenomena which spans over decades and is not a fleeting event.
6) The efforts to break PTI into various factions have not worked. The IPP project has almost fizzled out . The latest attempts in KPK, have resulted in an early miscarriage. This non-event, organised in a marriage hall, with plainclothesman controlling the event, followed by quick rebuttal by many of the deserters, has reduced the whole exercised into the farcical and non-serious. This approach is only inviting sarcasm and ridicule from all around. KPK is proving to be a invincible citadel of PTI. Punjab and urban Sind are not too far behind as well.
7) The 13th party ruling coalition has been bending over backwards to create and widen the gulf between security forces and the biggest and most popular political party. In an unusual and undemocratic manner, the national assembly, which is in the name only, passed a resolution to try 9th May suspects in military courts. The real target of course was Imran Khan himself. They wanted him to be decapitated at the hands of the military, thus creating a wall of fire and blood between extremely emotional and passionate youthful supporters of PTI and the security forces. They wanted an unbridgeable Gulf to appear between the two. The security forces deserve credit and deep appreciation for seeing through this trap, which was cleverly laid for them. They have very sagaciously stepped back from the brink.
8) It is by now abundantly clear that the strategy in place for the last 18 months, has not worked. On the contrary, it is producing opposite results. Poll after poll and survey after survey is clear like sunlight and is sending deafeningly loud message that Imran Khan continues to be the most popular leader in Pakistan. His popularity is soaring sky high now.
9) Majority of the people of Pakistan are seething with anger directed at the present discredited government and want to settle their score with them in a peaceful manner through the ballot box.This peaceful remedy should not be obstructed by any institution.No institution of the state should come in between the people and these corrupt cabal of mafias. This will only divert this fury and wrath towards those who may try to block the will of the people. They should rather stay away . It would be totally needless,unwise and deeply damaging to jump in this battle which is raging between the people and the political forces .people of Pakistan have no desire to engage in any hostilities with their security forces, whom they deeply love.The institutions should let the feuding politicians fight it out in the political field. The institutions of the state should remain totally nonpartisan and become anchors of stability and security of the country. The security services of Pakistan need public support while they are engaged in a deadly battle with the terrorists in KPK and Baluchistan. By remaining apolitical , the security institutions would have the overwhelming and much needed support of all the segments of public opinion across Pakistan.
10) It is not the job of the institutions of the state to back one and block the other contender to the power. The institutions would only do that at their peril. These deadly distractions only serve to sow the seeds of mistrust against the state institutions . Furthermore, it doesn’t allow the security institutions to single-mindedly concentrate on their primary job, which they are so good at. The nation is proud of its security forces and will always be grateful to them for their sacrifices.
Reinforcing failures is never a good idea. History is replete with examples of people, intoxicated with power, claiming to have all the answers to all the questions . But as it’s customary, sooner than later , it would be crystal clear there that there are whirlpools of questions all around and no answers. I hope that we all remember the definition of insanity Coined by Einstein.
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