Imran Khan – A Symbol of Change, Now a Victim of Political Vendetta

Imran Khan, once a beacon of hope for a Naya Pakistan, now languishes in jail under conditions that are nothing short of shocking. It is a situation that requires our immediate attention and action.

Political Vendetta at Its Worst:

The choice of the jail, the refusal to provide A-Class facilities, the denial of access to legal and medical teams; all this points to a political vendetta. This is not the justice we strive for in our nation.

A Leader’s Courage:

Despite the situation, Imran Khan’s courage and high morale are inspiring. His concern for the nation, his unwillingness to bow to slavery, is a testament to his character.

People of Pakistan, let’s unite in peaceful protest. Let us remember the principles and the dreams that Imran Khan stood for. It’s time to make a stand for justice, democracy, and the rights of every citizen.





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