The Essence of Democracy and the Test of Pakistan’s Legal System

In the heart of every democratic nation lies the principle that every individual, regardless of their status, is entitled to a fair trial. As of now, Imran Khan, a beacon of hope for many Pakistanis, remains in an uncomfortable cell, facing what many believe to be politically motivated charges.

The essence of democracy isn’t just about casting votes; it’s about ensuring that justice is done, and it’s seen to be done. The very essence of our legal system is now on trial, as Khan’s lawyers are denied rights that should be foundational to any just legal system.

Today, as we reflect on our nation’s journey since 1947, we must also scrutinize where we are headed. A democracy is only as strong as its institutions, and our judiciary is currently facing a crucial test. Will it uphold the principles of justice, or will it allow itself to be swayed by external pressures?





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