The Symbolism of Imran Khan’s Imprisonment on Pakistan’s Independence Day

As Pakistan marks its 76th year of independence today, there’s an unmistakable irony that underscores this celebration – the unjust incarceration of Imran Khan. Held in the confines of Attock jail under trying conditions, Khan’s plight stands in stark contrast to the freedom Pakistan’s founders envisioned.

Independence Day is a moment to celebrate sovereignty, autonomy, and the democratic rights of a nation. But how free are we if a former prime minister, a significant political figure, finds himself entangled in a web of opaque legal proceedings? The independence of our judiciary, a pillar of our democracy, seems to be in question when Khan’s appeals and bails are deliberately delayed.

On this day, as we hoist our flag with pride and recall our historic journey, let’s also reflect on our present. The vision of Jinnah was a democratic Pakistan where justice would be the order of the day. Khan’s current situation, sadly, is a far cry from this vision.





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