By Babar Cheema

Political landscape and the future of Pakistans politics is entirely dependent upon one development. That is, whether prisoner number 804, caged in Barrack number 3 of Attock jail, can hold himself together or not. Before trying to answer this question, please allow me to quote from a paragraph from page 217 of the book, titled Pakistan,a personal history, an autobiography of the prisoner number 804
“ People often ask me why I didn’t go to London to save our relationship. But it was never an option for me. That would’ve been a purposeless existence.I can’t imagine a life without a purpose or a passion . And Jemima knew that. She did not marry a lounge lizard. My drive was one of the things that had attracted her to me. I think I would’ve been diminished in her eyes if I had lost that drive”
It is a profound statement from a profound person. It’s a statement from a man, who is extremely self-assured, and who can sacrifice whatever he has, for his lofty ideals.
For the last 16 months, the PDM government, followed by their successor, the interim government, have launched the most Vitriolic, Vicious and Hateful smear campaign against 804. He is an outcast in the Electronic and Print media. The noose has been steadily tightened against him. The PTI rank-and-file are facing the worst repression and tyranny in the history of the country. Thousands have been incarcerated. Their businesses have been closed. Houses have been raided. Young children and elderly ladies have been picked up. Parents have not been spared. A reign of terror and fear has blanketed the country.
Multipronged and well thought out strategy has been put into practice to undo the Imran Khan phenomenon. Some of the tactics are,
1) To dismantle the party
2) To destroy the vote bank
3) Disfigure, and destroy Imran Khan’s personal image and character
4) To break the will of the top, middle level and rank-and-file of PTI
5) Most importantly, to force and coerce Imran Khan to concede defeat and throw in the towel.
In the preceeding months, the party has been undoubtedly damaged, but is still holding up. Despite defections and desertions, the hard-core loyalists have survived the vicious onslaught and are defying the power. These brave men and women are carving a name for themselves in the annals of political history of Pakistan.
Vote bank of No 804 is, paradoxically, showing an uptick instead of a downturn. The people of Pakistan are stubbornly sticking with him. Poll after poll and survey after survey confirm the above.
Attempt to defame and discredit 804 have not succeeded, and his reputation remains untarnished.
Undoubtedly, people have been quietened by the force of intimidation, but they are seething with anger. Millions and millions are just waiting for the right moment to strike back. The mere possibility of the floodgates opening,has made Imran Khan‘s adversaries sleepless, nervous and edgy.
Finally, the man of the moment, number 804, is holding firm like an unbreakable rock. He is standing tall like Himalayas. He’s dominating the landscape like a colossus. Sketchy reports filtering through from Barrack number three, reveal a man of steel. He is facing the biggest test of his life with stoicism, courage, confidence and dignity. His unbelievably strong belief in ALLAH is helping him to stay intact. His strength of character is exhibited by one sentence uttered by him, which has infinitely uplifted the spirit of his supporters,
“” I will not back down and will stick it out for a 1000 years, even in worse conditions, if required to do so”
Many thought that he will wilt under the unbearable pressure of heat, humidity, fear, insects, lizards, poor quality food, and solitary confinement . But he is sticking it all out with great deal of Grace. He appears to be a man who cannot be defeated.
The opposing camp is showing signs of pressure and panic,which is increasing by the hour.Cipher related arrests bear testimony to the fact that all previous attempts made so far, to snare him and snuff him out have failed . Subterfuge and deceitful fraud, perpetrated in the name of the President of Pakistan, as reported today, may prove to be the last proverbial straw on camels back. Nothing is working for The PDM and the interim government.
Number 804 is winning despite heavy odds stacked against him . That brings us back to the original question, whether 804 will surrender?
The biggest element that will factor in, in the final outcome, is that the stuff, that 804 is made of, would not simply allow him to lay down his arms. He cannot face himself in the mirror for a moment if he concedes defeat .He would not survive a single day if he surrenders his ideals, his aspirations and his passion.His lofty ego would make the prospects of a compromise, impossible. That is the NO 804, that we all know. therefore, the answer to the question raised is a resounding NO.





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