The Pakistan Army. A short note. Haider Mehdi. 23 August

By Haider Mehdi

What a terrible fall from grace of an institution which progressively showed its colonial fangs over the years to finally and completely show its true colors under Traitors Bajwa and Asim and their supporters in and out of uniform.

An army which cannot defend its country, cannot abide by its oath to defend the constitution, cannot remain within its mandate and not interfere in politics.

Which uses it’s as thin as flake argument of unity of command and discipline to support a mad insane dog, illegal, unconstitutional usurper of the office of Army Chief, Asim Munir, who should have retired on 9 October 2022 after completing his 4 years as Lt Gen, is not the Pakistan Army I joined and served, even briefly so.

We need an Army. A good one. A patriotic one. A Nationalist Army. An army which defends its people, its Constitution and doesn’t interfere in politics as per their Oath.

We don’t need an Army which turns its power and guns against its own people.

Which illegally abducts, illegally confines, imprisons, tortures, physically and sexually abuses innocent women.

Which has no respect for hearth and home.

Which has no respect for its own.

Which is driven by an insatiable greed for more power and wealth.

Which stops the people from manifesting their constitutional rights under a fair and free elections to chose their representatives.

Which partners with the most corrupt, criminal bunch of crooks on Pakistani politics and brings them into power through bribery, force and under instructions from a foreign power.

And most sadly whose leaders, Bajwa and Asim, are traitors and have sold the country to foreign masters for their own criminal, financial and power interests.

This last, the most unkindest cut, is unforgivable.

And for that they must and will hang! Bajwa, Asim and all those who supported them, gave them the power to break the law and violate the constitution. Politicians, Bureaucrats, Police, everyone and anyone who was part of this treachery against Pakistan.

InshaAllah. Alhamdulillah. Ilahi Aameen.

Salaams and Prayers
Haider Mehdi.





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